Nasir Is First Place Hands down

Even before he arrived in the United States six years ago, Jamal Nasir was into arm wrestling, learning the techniques from his grandfather, who had floored his share of opponents in his time. In his first arm wrestling contest, he won first place in the Featherweight division.

NasirÕs love for arm wrestling began in his native Pakistan, where his grandfather, a professional arm wrestler, would teach the then-10-year-old Nasir arm wrestling techniques. Later in the U.S., Nasir would practice with friends in his junior high school cafeteria. He soon acquired a reputation upon beating student after student during lunch period. "I was known as the arm wrestling guy in the cafeteria," Nasir recalled.

The Woodside resident recently won first place in the 132-pound Featherweight division at the White Castle-sponsored New York City Arm Wrestling Championships held at Newtown High School in Elmhurst. "I first found out about the contest at Hunter College, where the New York Arm Wrestling Association [the organization that put together the junior contest] was holding matches," said Nasir.

The young athlete works hard to stay in shape, curling a combined 40 pounds every day to maintain his 13" biceps. The 16-year-old junior is no stranger to combining technique and strength to pin his opponents to the floor, as he is also on the wrestling team at Bryant High School.

What does the future hold for this grappler of the forearm? HeÕs not sure whether heÕd like to attend Hunter or Queens college to study computer technology. "IÕm also interested in desktop publishing," Nasir commented.

Whether Nasir plans to use his arms muscling his opponents to the ground or at a computer keyboard, or both, his future looks bright. The current MVP of the local pro arm wrestling association for 2000 is a high school student. Could Nasir take that prestigious title in 2001? Only time will tell. >>


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