Queens Strong Like Bull In Wrestling Match by Katy Silverstein

The New York Arm Wrestling Association had it’s 24 Annual ‘Queensboro’ Golden Arm Championships held on the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk on July 15,2001.

This event, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, New York Parks and Recreation Department, BBC Department Store, The Hole in the Wall Tavern and the Beach Club brought people from Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Florida, Connecticut and Upstate New York to compete.

The final results of these matches are in. In the 132lb. feather weight class first place went to Omar Ahmed, second place went to Julian Munoz and third place went to Peter Wang; all from Elmhurst, Queens.

The first place winner of the 150lb. lightweight class battle went to Giovanni Bresciani, second place went to Deon Kekaski and third place Rino Bresciani all from Whitestone, Queens.

175lb. middleweight class winner was Harry Wilson of Brooklyn. Second place winner was James Retarides of Milford, CT and third place went to Goran Logan of Elmhurst, Queens.

Miami resident Armando Alvarado was the winner of the 200lb. heavy weight class. Dan Sorrese from West Islip, LI came in second and third place went to Glendale native Peter Schellenberg.

Rockaways own Sean Ringgold won first place in the super heavy open weight contest. Second and third place winners were Jeff Geremia, of West Haven and Edwin Safarian of Bayside.

Masters 45+ open winners were Thomas Crean of Woodside, Sandy McEachern of Forest Hills and Ed Tan Brooklyn. 175lb left hand winners were Joe Ortiz of Rockaway, Jose Alvarado and Ed Tan.

Left open weight class winners were Armando Alvarado, Peter Schellenberg and Jeff Geremia. Women’s 135lb weight class winners were Jeanette Branch of Manhattan, Mimi Furbeck of Albany and Shannon Logan of Manhattan.

There were two winners from Rockaway in the women’s open weight class. They are Wendy Cambell and Dora Fedroso. First place went to Gina Pena of Manhattan.

Queens came out on top as the number one team champion with 56 points, second place went to Florida with 17 points and finally, third place went to Manhattan with 15 points.

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