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"The right arm is the arm of combat, and I like to be able to use it." This is the armchair philosophy of Jason Vale, the defending state and national right arm wrestling champion.

Jason Vale, a Queens native and resident, has dominated the right arm 200-pound weight class in New York City for 10 years, and has been the US champion for two years. The 32-year-old got his start in the sport while going to I.S. 195.

Arm wrestling champion Jason Vale grew up in Queens.

"I played football and other sports," Vale said. "Those eventually got me interested in arm wrestling."

Not even two bouts with cancer was able to stop his upward motion in the arm wrestling circuit. In fact, Vale kept his title as New York City champion through both his first and second battle with the debilitating disease.

"The second time I got cancer, I used alternative methods to help me get better," Vale said. He used the advice from websites that he found while searching the World Wide Web to cure his often fatal ailment.

Today, while he retains his title of national champion, he is also helping people in his community.

"After I was cured from cancer the second time, I joined the Christian Brothers," said Vale. The Christian Brothers is an organization in Queens set up to help people cope with cancer.

In the coming weeks, Vale will wrestle for the title of world champion. As the trials, being held in Los Angeles, quickly approach, the national champion is preparing to show off his talent to arm wrestlers from around the world, and to prove to them who is the best.


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