TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2007


CW-11 TV Morning Show LIVE with Larry Hoff and New York Arm Wrestling Association for The Bronxboro Championships TV Promo at White Castle in the Bronx

CW 11 TV with Larry Hoff, Cammie Buford and New York Arm Wrestling
Association at White Castle Restaurant for the Bronxboro Championships

Dan Fortuna Bends frying pan on CW-11 TV

Dan and Larry Hoff

Mike Selearis and Angel Cosme Show their Stuff

Cammie stops for a bite of White Castle

Cammie and Larry

Dan Fortuna and Giorgi Gelashvili with Sean Ringgold

Sean Ringgold and Gene Camp

Dan and Georgi

Cammie shows off her shoes

Karolina Pietrynczak and Cammie Burford with Sean Ringgold on CW II TV

Kevin Nelson and Bobby Buttafuoco on CW 11 TV

Karolina and Larry

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