SEPTEMBER 11th - 2001

September eleventh two thousand and one,
It arrived at midnight and had just begun.
For thousands this night was the last they would sleep,
Their destiny had an appointment to keep.

Calm and so peaceful, they were all in their beds,
Unaware as they woke of what lie ahead,
As fuel for the fire filled four different planes,
To board and ready for the hijacker's claim.

Succeeding their tasks they took over control,
Their mission of death was about to unfold.
Four planes in the sky three different directions,
Manned by the minds with inhuman intentions.

Down on the ground thousands started to work,
But nobody knew of the danger that lurked.
This Tuesday morning was no different or strange,
But soon all of this was about to be changed.

The hijackers knew what they all had to do,
Give up their lives and take thousands more too.
A low-flying plane was about to collide,
With The World Trade Center tall in the sky.

Just seconds away what went through the minds,
Of innocent victims who ran out of time.
Or those in the towers before the planes hit,
God only knows their last thoughts-what they did.
Then at 8:48AM the first plane,
Exploded on impact in red-orange flames.
Windows blew out onto streets down below,
As tower one looked like a candle that glowed.

People jumped for their lives to escape the heat,
But no one survived after making the leap.
Tower two on-lookers reached for their phones,
To say they're all right and will see them at home.

Why was an announcement made that "all is well?"
Who gave such an order and no warning bell?
Maybe so many lives could have been saved,
If only the proper precautions were made.

How many looked up at that moment and seen,
A second plane heading toward them and screamed?
The plane sliced through tower two like a knife,
As if in a movie but this was real life.

It burst like a fireball spreading through floors,
Killing all those aboard and so many more.
It was 9:03AM when it hit,
Like a blink of an eye it happened so quick.

The towers still burning in flames together,
Soon to be history and lost forever.
Panicked survivors now rushed everywhere,
Searching for exits, elevators, or stairs.

Satellites caught images of smoke below,
As if earth was bleeding from the mighty blow.
Capturing what the world watched on TV screens,
Death and destruction as never before seen.

The police and fireman and rescue crews,
Wasted no time doing what they must do.
As the clock ticked away to 9:43,
A third plane had crashed in Washington D.C.

Blowing a hole through the Pentagon's side,
The casualties grew as more innocent died.
What happened next was beyond comprehension,
Hard to believe even harder to mention.

At 9:59 the south tower collapsed,
With so many lives that were inside and trapped.
Some had been fortunate and got out alive,
But so many others just didn't survive.

In just ten seconds tower two had come down,
Crumbling in ashes as it fell to the ground.
Spreading out thick clouds of smoke all about,
Till you couldn't see in and couldn't see out.

The White House was next on the list to be hit,
But the passengers on board prevented it.
The last plane still under terrorist control,
Started losing it all to the call, "Let's Roll."

This plane would go down in Shanksville, Pa.
But not without one hell of fighting that day.
At 10:06 Flight 93 had fallen,
The crash was quick as they went to God's callin'.

We pray for our heroes, who fought as they fell,
As the terrorists journeyed on into hell.
At 10:29AM in Manhattan,
The north tower fell and completely flattened.

Imploding like the south tower floor by floor,
The famous World Trade Center stood no more.
All one hundred ten floors in their glory,
Reduced to debris a height of ten stories.

Manhattan lay in a blanket of smoke,
Mayhem and chaos but didn't lose hope.
Mayor Giuliani rushed down to the scene,
Beholding the aftermath brought on by fiends.

The city shut down all transportation,
As thousands fled with no hesitation.
They ran over bridges and out into streets,
Some even fell but got back on their feet.

A multitude of beeps rang from the rubble,
Coming from firemen trapped and in trouble.
Rescuers worked as a unit of one,
They searched for the missing including their sons.

They all gave their all, each one was a hero,
Frantically helping down at Ground Zero.
I like so many cried on that day,
And went to my priest at church to pray.

When night fell the candlelight vigils began,
In so many countries and all through our land.
At 8:30 president George Bush spoke,
Addressing the country with words of hope.

While so many waited at home by the door,
For those who will never come home anymore.
Had we took heed, the writing on the wall,
Missing faces wouldn't be there at all.

This tragic day our eagle stopped flying,
Joined by The Statue of Liberty crying.
September eleventh two thousand and one,
Is also the day… I lost my own son.

© Copywrite: June 24, 2002, Steven Cafiero, Sr.



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